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Trying to find a place

where good websites

are made?

Want to impress your customers

with a good design

to stand out from the crowd?

We create awesome designs

for businesses

to succeed.

We Make Beautiful Websites







And Build Branding



We create Book Covers

Attractive & Stimulating

Calling to buy

Unique & Interesting

And Graphic Design




Web Design

The well-made website ensures that your brand is accessible by anyone from PC, laptop, and any portable device.
The main task of any website is to create a positive impression on the visitors from the front page and keep their attention.
As a result, a good website will make them contact you. if the visitor does not want to contact you – your website is not good.
We create simple but very functional websites with an attractive minimalistic design.

Graphic Design

Zollo Design specializes in creating a high-effective graphic design. A bold idea with a stylish presentation will help you to capture the customers’ heart and turn them from the visitors into clients.
The design will be developed directly for your brand, with the relevant shapes, colors, and fonts.
The good graphic design is an important digital marketing tool and a key for winning and maintaining clients.

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

The purpose of SEO is to make your website visible for the people who search for your products or service. It is not any point in having a website if it cannot be found. Zollo offers an SEO service for improving your organic search engine rankings and helping your website to be found by the right people.
We offer a Web Traffic Analytics which can help you to attract more visitors to your website and boost the sales.

Branding & Logo Design

To create an outstanding logo is the most important part of the creation of your brand identity. Logo  is the heart of your of business, which your customers will come to remember. Zollo will create a simple but remarkable logo that you and your customers will love.
We can make a corporate, brand & artist logo design, wordmarks, symbols, icons, emblems and more.


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